Is there a true Delhiite/ Dilliwalla? Nobody really knows. While some may feel proud about being the only and true ones, others hesitate to say that they are from Delhi. The fact is, the richness of Delhi's multiculturalism and plurality comes from its people who made this city their home. Delhi, I love you is collating stories and portraits of the citizens of this megacity and understand why we should be in love with them too.


Delhi is a city with a temperament - she has her own moods and dispositions. She'll make you confront reality head on, but also lead you on journeys that'll convince you you're in paradise. If you're wondering what to expect from her, look inside yourself - Delhi's moods may just be reflecting your own.  Here is our attempt at capturing the mood of this megacity. 


Peaceful Sleep On Delhi Street - #delhiiloveyou

There's nothing like a quick siesta under Delhi's November sun

Art Of Delhi | #delhiiloveyou

Modern, contemporary, traditional. Delhi's #art scene is as old as the city itself


Coffee Culture Of Delhi - #delhiiloveyou

Filter, espresso or brewed - Delhi has its own coffee culture.

Lunch Time - A Day In Delhi | #delhiiloveyou

What do you miss the most when you're not in Delhi? "The food ?



Nadeem Shehzad and Muhammad Saud

How do you use your terrace - As a gym? a garden? for barbecue? or maybe for parties? Nadeem Shehzad and Muhammad Saud use it as a hospital for birds of prey. These two brothers are on a mission to save the eagles, owls, kites and vultures of #Delhi. Over the last 13 years, they have saved over 6000 injured birds. Their work isn't without its perils "Once, while on a mission to save a black kite, I slipped and fell into a sewage drain,' Saud recounts. 'The kite flew away. I was the one who ended up needing rescuing!' To help them rescue and nurse more birds, visit - Wildlife Rescue

Raj Kamal

27 (1).jpg

"If #Delhi was a country, 99% of my artwork would say 'Made in Delhi'..." Raj Kamal loves Delhi and imagines the city in his own way through digital art on physical surfaces. #Delhiiloveyou For him, any space in Delhi is a blank canvas. He takes photographs and brings them home reworking them on his laptop to have them tell a whole new story - his #Delhi is one where dreams, fantasy and humour collide.

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