My City, My Memory

My City My Memory is a series of conversations with senior citizens of Delhi - in their mid to late seventies and beyond - to meet them in their houses, or in locations where they grew up or have fond memories of. These conversations are hosted at carefully selected venues which are not usually open for public viewing such as the Chunamal Haweli in Chandni Chowk. Thanks to My city, My memory you will discover great stories as well as incredible unknown location. The event is organized like a conversation between Sohail Hashmi and the senior citizen being interviewed. This is an open event with limited seats, however you can watch the conversations on our youtube channel.

About Sohail Hashmi

Sohail Hashmi likes to be described as a history buff is a Dilliwalah and has been conducting heritage walks in Delhi for more than 10 years. He conducts 19 different walks through the seven cities of Delhi and is fine tuning a few more. He can be reached on Facebook at Delhi Heritage walks with Sohail Hashmi and at

Episode 1

Saleem Hasan & Abdul Sattar were born in Purani Dilli before the India Pakistan partition. While Bhai Saleem moved from Pul Bangash Sabzi Mandi to Chawri Bazaar in 1947, Abdul Sattar has continued to live in the same house he was born in, at Pahadi Imli.

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Episode 2

We met Srimati Kartari Devi at her home in Shadi Khampur Village for the second edition of My City My Memory, where we discovered secret alleyways, charming havelis and a village that's managed to maintain its authenticity in the midst of a bustling metropolis.

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Episode 3

Born in 1936 and raised in old Delhi since 2, Mr. John H Caleb was training to be a singer and a Tabla player as a young boy. But how did he become a priest?... It was in the 60s after recovering from a fatal accident that he decided to serve his life to God. 

A passionate cricketer, teacher and a cyclist, Father Caleb shares his memories of the bustling Delhi life back from his younger days.


What do we really know about our city’s past? History textbooks only show a sliver of what might have been, always on a macroscopic level. Fictional accounts are occasionally informative but are also few and far between. Meanwhile an entire resource of lived histories remains largely untapped. A rich tapestry can be woven out of a collection of personal stories of the generations that lived recent histories and are still here to talk about it. These individual threads collectively provide a new level of understanding on what makes up the fabric of our city. Delhi I Love you will try and map these myriad stories through projects that bring you local memories of people and of places.

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