Traditionally, Delhi has had a thriving culture of music and poetry and the same continues till date. Over the years, with the blurring of traditional borders, a multitude of styles of music have been born here. Yet, many of these musicians struggle to gain visibility and recognition for their efforts. Delhi I Love You is collaborating with various organisations to bring to you several Live performances for the public, interspersed through the city in public locations. The aim is to re-introduce Delhi-ites to this often overlooked but vibrant sub-culture within the city.


Munindran Sagar 

"When I was 14 years old my brother sent me a harmonica and I was instantly in love. I have not been able to remove it from my lips ever since." said Mr. Munindran Sagar on how he met his instrument."I don’t know why, but the harmonica touched my heart and soul. I would listen to other people playing and then try to imitate them." His harmonica never leaves his side. "I play in the morning, I play in the afternoon, and I play in the #DelhiMetro. I play whenever and wherever I feel like." "People in #Delhi come up to me and say 'Thank you, I was having a bad day... you cheered me up,'" he adds. "That’s my inspiration, that’s what makes me continue."

RJ Clapper Boys

"Even a tight slap creates a beat" jokes Rahul of RJ Clapper Boys. For these young boys from Kathputli Colony in #Delhi use their bodies are their musical instruments. Their style of music - "Body A capella" - uses nothing but what they were born with to create a symphony. "This is not work for us and we never get tired. As entertainers, if we don't enjoy ourselves, how will our audiences?"

Send you music 

You are a musician and you live in Delhi? You would like to participate in Delhi, I Love You? Send us an email with links to your music!