Instameet in Khirkee - #ThisIsArt

Xplorience and 'Delhi, I Love You' hosted the #InstameetDilli at Khirki Village.
On the 31st of January, 105 Instagrammers met at the Satpula Dam, (14th century monument in Khirkee) and set out to explore the Khirkee Mosque, local neighbourhood and then ended up at the experimental art studio KHOJ. 

With Delhi's biggest shopping malls right across the road, this urban village makes for an interesting paradox in terms of the community, built architecture and the collective aspirations. The neighbourhood has seen major change over the years both culturally and physically. From being a farmland in the past, the area today stands as a true cosmopolitan neighbourhood. The neighbourhood houses 14th century architecture and 21st century’s cutting edge Contemporary Art within a square mile.


With the success of the Instameet in Khirkee, on 27th April 2016 "Delhi I Love You", facilitated a Delhi chapter of the global Instagram community's #WorldWideInstameet with Xplorience and their friends.

This ‪meet ventured into the private stories of the Chunnamal Haveli at Chandni Chowk and discovered our city's history through its‪ #‎urdupoetry‬, ‪#‎architecture‬ & family memories. The meet also also successful in sparking conversations towards the care & conservation of the city's lesser known heritage.

More photos from the instameet here.