Delhi’s air is heavy with pollutants and the Yamuna is facing a quiet but steady extinction of its ecology. In the meantime, innumerable organizations, individuals and government agencies are fighting the green battle in the best that they can. Delhi, I Love You will try and harness their individual strengths and create a massive front that can push to reclaim our dying ecologies and clean the city through projects that will help these energies to collaborate.

Delhi Seed Bank

What comes to your mind when you hear Peelu, Ronjh, Doodhi & Dhau?!

These are Delhi’s native trees which have grown and adapted to our city for millions of years. Our local trees which save water and support the bird & insect life have diminished drastically due to competition with exotic ornamental species. In consultation with Pradip Krishen, Conservation Education Centre (CEC) and Delhi, I love you we launched the Delhi Seed Bank project to lobby and convey the message to protect and plant these native trees. 

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The Jal Board and the South Delhi Municipal Corporation will be leading the plantation drive on their respective campuses and we are hopeful that more private and public institutions will participate in this initiative. CEC will grow the saplings in a nursery set in Asola Wildlife century and distribute them though public and private institutions of Delhi.

Over the Next 18 Months our objectives are:

1. To convert as many public and private organisations as possible to plant Native trees  and start their own seed bank and nurseries on their campuses

2. To train gardeners from these organizations to identify native trees and encourage them to plant them

3. To organize public events, and get media attention to spread awareness for the general public

The native 22 trees of the Delhi Seed Bank

Scroll and click on the pictures below to see the details or  See all the trees here

Thank you Pradip Krishen for the photos, taken from the book Trees of Delhi

the Dirty pictures

Remember Raj Kapoor serenading Nargis in the pouring rain under the black umbrella? That lovely memory of our favourite romantic Bollywood song- Pyaar Hua Iqrar Hua - is in serious trouble.

Recycling holds the key to much of the urban waste we produce and dispose. In order to bring some attention to this issue, Karma Recycling and Delhi, I Love You, in collaboration with artist Shaily Gupta bring to you THE DIRTY PICTURES. Designed by Gupta the images in the campaign are a chilling reminder of the looming Garbage disposal crises, as well as a humorous take on littering our most sacred most loved Bollywood. The idea is to draw attention to the waste management debate by using iconic Bollywood imagery and subtly introducing rotting garbage into the dreamy Bollywood utopia. The campaign also launches a unique online platform - recycleyourwaste.in, which lists contact details and garbage solutions for all kind of waste. This web portal promises to be the one stop directory for all Delhi based waste management solutions.

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