Delhi's rooftops have various stories to tell. But how do you see them? Meet our #DelhiHeroes, Parkour athlete Mujahid & his crew who freerun from one roof to the other and show you Delhi and in all its colours.
Maha Singh Rao is the coach, guru and trainer at the Guru Hanuman Akhara in Old Delhi. Started by the legendary wrestler, Guru Hanuman, this Akhara is home to many award winning wrestlers like Rajiv Tomar, Dara Singh, Sushil Kumar.
Rohtash Sharma is the proud gardener of Delhi's beloved Lodi Gardens. Rohtash has worked for 15 years and treats the trees and flowers like his own children. He is the doctor, parent and friend to these plants. Big up for the green fingers that make our picnics, walks and leisure in Lodi Gardens a memorable experience.
Puran Bhat talks about the magicians, snake charmers, jugglers and puppeteers that live with him at the Kathputli colony. Home to more than 3000 street performers this fascinating neighbourhood is considered as the world's largest community of street performers. We salutes their spirit, talent and contribution to Delhi's vibrancy.
MC Freezak, MC H.A.R.I and MC Akshay are hip hop artists from Khirkee village in South Delhi. They have come together to launch {Khirkee 17} Tshirts to sustain their love for Hip Hop. The boys talk about their music and inspirations against the backdrop of the spectacular Khirkee mosque.
Sheila Cinema is one of the oldest and was the first cinema to screen hollywood movies in Delhi. Uday Kaushik from this legendry theatre talks about glory days of the single screen cinema. Join us for a walk through the stunning interiors of this cinema, one of the few single screen theatres still holing strong.
The oldest and one of the most celebrated Chaat's in Delhi is sold ouside the UPSC building on the Mansingh Road. Jagdish Kumar inherited this business from this father who set shop in 1935 outside the Bikaner House on the India Gate circle.