Clean our city

Dirty and dilapidated streets, heaps of papers, plastic bags and bottles are what you see every day on the streets of Delhi. You may feel helpless, and as a society we are still far from having found a solution. What if you could change this? What if you stopped feeling bad and start acting for a positive change?

New Delhi Rising is a group of active citizen volunteers that have been involved with restoring and reclaiming public spaces in several parts of New Delhi for the past year. ‘‘Spotfixing’ is a group of citizens who come together on a Sunday morning and clean a particular location of their city. This is done after informing the Municipal Corporation and other relevant authorities (PWD, DDA) in a spirit of civilian collaboration to change our city for the better. Volunteers are the core of this initiative. All ‘spot fixes’ are executed using cost effective supplies and each volunteer contributes a fixed amount of Rs. 100/- at the end of a ‘spot fix’. We hope that the tutorial video will inspire and encourage people to take up this initiative and help us achieve the goal we have set to make a visible impact on Delhi.



There are several inspiring individuals and organizations in Delhi that work tirelessly with a a number of social issues such as but not limited to gender inequality, education, health, empowerment, environment, social design etc. Very often we find that these issues overlap and go hand in hand, one cannot necessarily discuss one without talking about the other. Delhi I Love You aims to work with these individuals and organisations by creating a platform by which the discourse can be effectively broadened and render it more relevant. .

Tell us about an initiative in the city

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