Art is more often than not presented in an exclusive capacity. In closed spaces with limited access and hence limited viewership. Its evolution largely hidden and bearing very limited influence in the imaginations of large tracts of the population. Delhi I love You aims to address this by collaborating with several organisations to bring to you curated Artwork in public fora for free-er public consumption.


#MyDilliStory is a Twitter based competition that invites people to share their stories, poems and quotes to celebrate Delhi. 40 of these tweets will be selected by a jury and hand-painted on prominent public walls around the city by the city's signboard painters. Entries may be in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi or English. With this project we're attempting to bridge the virtual and physical divide and bringing the magic of hand painted typographies back into the public spaces. - in partnership with Delhi Government, Delhi Tourism, Twitter and Hindustan Times.


See all 40 winning tweets here.

By the end of the competition we had received over 8000 stories online. The “Delhi I love You” team did not want this competition to be restricted just to the online world and decided to personally meet people who are not online and still have interesting stories to share. In 3 weeks DILY visited more than 50 colleges, 20 language departments / institutes, numerous poetry and cultural clubs in the city. By the end of it we had above 1000 stories from students, artist, senior citizens and literary professionals. The Jury for #MyDilliStory met over three sessions and picked their favourite tweets from the large selection. The jury members have selected in total 40 best stories about Delhi in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu languages.

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The process of painting the winning tweets began on the 23rd of September 2015. The first wall was generously donated to DILY by the Saket City Hospital, followed by the Ambedkar University and several other govt and private partners. Rendered in the colourful fonts of juice stalls and Bollywood movie posters, artist Shabbu and others are rewriting the tweets on prominent public walls. Over the next few months we hope to complete all 40 murals. Check out this space for the latest updates on where we are painting next, it could be in your neighbourhood.

truck revolution

As the first showers bless the city against the heat, our painter Swen Simon sways his spray cans and gives a makeover to the MCD East garbage trucks.

These trucks travel all year long collecting ‪Delhi‬'s ‪‎waste‬ and keep the city clean!

At ‪Delhi I Love You‬ we decided to celebrate their work with this mural on a truck. Tell us when you spot one!